Fresh Fruit Dives into the Umeshu Fresh Fruit Dives into the Umeshu Fresh Fruit Dives into the Umeshu

UMESHU ishigami &

梅酒 ishigami&

A Hint of Fresh Beginnings in Every Fruity Sip

Crafted in Ishigami, rooted in tradition,
our "ishigami &" series of casual umeshu
the finest fruits from the fruit kingdom of Wakayama.
Each sip is like biting into fresh fruit,
evoking the excitement of new beginnings
and guaranteed to bring a smile.
This diverse lineup has
something for everyone.
Which flavor will you enjoy today?

  • Umeshu ishigami & UME

    Umeshu ishigami & UME

    Using tree-ripened Kishu Nanko Ume from Ishigami, this umeshu offers a quintessential taste that's sweet, rich, and a little sour—a true classic in flavor.

  • Umeshu ishigami & PEACH GINGER

    Umeshu ishigami & PEACH GINGER

    This umeshu is perfected in the heart of Ishigami, blending ripe peaches and zesty fresh ginger from Wakayama. The result is a lush, dessert-inspired drink with a fruity, crisp finish that's both sophisticated and refreshing.

  • Umeshu ishigami & WAKAYAMA SANGRIA

    Umeshu ishigami & WAKAYAMA SANGRIA

    This sophisticated umeshu, refined in Ishigami, blends peaches, mandarin oranges, and lemons from Wakayama into a sangria-inspired concoction. The result is a rich, deep flavor profile that tantalizes and satisfies.

  • Umeshu ishigami & YUZU

    Umeshu ishigami & YUZU

    This umeshu, expertly crafted in Ishigami, is generously infused with yuzu juice from the Kozagawa area in Wakayama, delivering a subtly bitter and refreshingly crisp flavor.

Umeshu ishigami &