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For something to be delicious, it must be safe. That is why we are careful about food allergies. At Umeboshi Lab, we have developed products that do not contain any of the 28 allergens specified by the Japanese government, so that people with food allergies can enjoy them with peace of mind.

For true peace of mind,
we focus on the raw materials.

Our commitment to safety does not end at our
allergen-free products. We carefully select all
We are completely confident in the quality of our umeboshi. as we use only ume from our own farms and contracted farmers. We are also very careful about the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and our original cultivation method, "Kojo Cultivation," uses no herbicides at all. We promise the same level of attention to detail in all other ingredients as well. In order to prevent allergens from mixing during the production process, we have separated the ingredient storage areas and use separate manufacturing equipment.


To prevent

People who may experience symptoms should be very careful about foods they are about to eat for the first time or about anything they suspect may cause symptoms. We recommend that you consume this product after consulting a physician who understands food allergies and anaphylaxis. In the event of symptoms, please see your doctor as soon as possible to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment.

Our Allergy-Friendly Products

  • Kishu Ishigami-mura Tomato and Ume Pasta Sauce

    Kishu Ishigami-mura Tomato and Ume Pasta Sauce

    Authentic tomato sauce is flavored with a delicious paste made from unflavored umeboshi.

  • Kishu Ishigami-mura Olive Oil Soaked Unflavored Umeboshi

    Kishu Ishigami-mura Olive Oil Soaked Unflavored Umeboshi

    We marinade traditional unflavored umeboshi in flavorful extra virgin olive oil for a unique Italian taste. Great as a snack or a seasoning.

  • Kishu Ishigami-mura Ume Cookie

    Kishu Ishigami-mura Ume Cookie

    Sweet and salty at the same time, 100% plant-based cookies. This allergy-friendly treat does not contain any of the 28 specified allergens.