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Ume Products

We offer a full lineup of products
made from our famous umeboshi.
The popular "Flavored Ume Seasoning" series, our own brand "Umeboshi Lab" products, and more.
We are proud to offer flavors that only
experienced craftspeople can produce.

Product List

Umeshu Soaked Ume

Another fun way to enjoy umeshu.

Tree ripened ume that are soaked in alcohol to make our delicious umeshu. Take a bite to enjoy the liqueur in the fruit, or drop one in your glass of umeshu.

Product Name Umeshu Soaked Ume
Type Ume Products
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Ume Vinegar

Healthy seasonings for your cooking.

Ume vinegar is actually not fermented vinegar, but the juice extracted from the ume during salt pickling. White ume vinegar is produced when ume are pickled in salt, and red ume vinegar is produced by adding red shiso (perilla). They do not contain acetic acid, but are full of organic substances such as citric acid and polyphenols.

Product Name Organic white ume vinegarRed ume vinegar
Type Organic ume vinegar Ume Vinegar
JAN Code49364890095474936489009554
Ume Juice

Serve this non-alcoholic treat as you like!

Mildly sweet ume syrup with the taste of fully ripened local Nanko-ume. For health, no acidifiers or colorings are used. You can dilute 4 times with water to drink, or use it as a secret ingredient for sauces or foods.

Product Name Ume Juice
Type When diluted 4x, it contains 10% ume juice.
JAN Code4936489023031
Ume Extract


Juice extracted from whole mashed green ume is boiled down. Organic acids, minerals, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and more are concentrated in this product. Available as capsules or syrup.

Product Name Ume Extract (Capsules)Ume Extract (Syrup)
Type Ume Extract Ume Extract
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Ume Paste


We process our popular Reduced Salt Umeboshi and Shiso (Perilla) Umeboshi into an easy to use paste. It’s recommended for dipping raw vegetables and crackers, or for seasoning dishes.

Product Name Reduced Salt UmeboshiShiso (Perilla) Umeboshi
Type Flavored Umeboshi (Paste)Flavored Umeboshi (Paste)
JAN Code49364890077034936489007710

Umeboshi Lab

Umeboshi Lab

Since its launch, our Umeboshi Lab has offered a wide range of products, including the popular Ume Dressing and Ume Grilling Sauce, which save time in the kitchen and add exciting flavor to your dishes. We’re always seeking new flavors in line with our motto,
“The adventurous search for flavor.”

Olive Oil Soaked Unflavored Umeboshi

Enjoy our unflavored umeboshi with an Italian touch.

We marinade traditional unflavored umeboshi in flavorful extra virgin olive oil for a unique Italian taste.

Product Name Olive Oil Soaked Unflavored Umeboshi
Type Ume Products
JAN Code4936489040120
MSRP500 yen(tax excl.)
Tomato and Ume Pasta Sauce

Use it as is or add ingredients for your own original recipe.

We add unflavored umeboshi paste to an authentic tomato sauce. The unlikely combination adds magic to pasta and many other dishes.

Product Name Tomato and Ume Pasta Sauce
Type Pasta Sauce
JAN Code4936489010106
MSRP800 yen(tax excl.)
Ume Dressing

Bring out the umami of meats with the salty tartness of ume.

You might get addicted to our tart ume dressing! It’s an oil-free recipe based on the Japanese dressing flavor, with lots of our great ume mixed in.

Product Name Ume Dressing
Type Dressing Seasoning
JAN Code4936489040113
MSRP600 yen(tax excl.)
Ume Grilling Sauce

Great on more than just meats!

Our Ume Grilling Sauce includes our umeboshi and ume vinegar. Useful as a seasoning for many dishes.

Product Name Ume Grilling Sauce
Type Sauce for grilled meats
JAN Code4936489040144
MSRP600 yen(tax excl.)
Kundo Koyama

Broadcaster, scriptwriter, radio personality, and vice principal of Kyoto University of the Arts.

He is active in many fields, including essay writing and product development. He is also the creator of the popular "Kumamon. His first screenplay, "Departures," won the 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and other honors.

Collaboration with dancyu
Japanese Condiments Project

We developed our Flavored Ume Seasoning line in collaboration with dancyu Japanese Condiments Project with Kundo Koyama, who is active worldwide. Since its launch, the completely new tastes have been very well received. Consumers praise the many variations, such as chili pepper and miso. Add a little to your favorite dishes for a fun twist!

Product Name Flavored
Ume Seasoning
Chili Pepper UmeGround Meat and Miso Ume
Type Ume ProductsUme ProductsUme Products
JAN Code4936489
MSRP500 yen(tax excl.) 500 yen(tax excl.) 500 yen(tax excl.)